We Price Match

We are dedicated to providing an excellent range of products at competitive prices. If you come across a lower price for the same product from another UK-based retailer before making a purchase, please reach out to us using the form below. 

Please complete the price match details with comprehensive information based on the pricing you have discovered. Ensure that the source is a reputable UK-based site, excluding auctions. Submitting this form implies your agreement with our GDPR-compliant privacy policy.


Terms & Conditions

We do not offer price matching for rates exclusive to memberships (including loyalty and reward schemes) or trade sites.

To be eligible for price matching, the competitor's item must be identical in colour, size, brand, etc., and must be brand new. Additionally, the competitor's item must be in stock for home delivery or collection, and the competitor's price should include delivery charges. Bulk promotional offers such as buy one get one free are not eligible for matching.

Please note that we reserve the right to modify or cancel this offer and its terms and conditions at any time at our sole discretion. The Price Match is contingent upon verification of the competitor as a legitimate trader.