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Pushchair With Car Seat Travel System Bundles

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Are you searching for a comprehensive and trustworthy pushchair travel system? Look no further! Our selection showcases top-tier brands like Bugaboo, Silver Cross, and CYBEX, each offering a distinct pushchair travel system tailored to meet your exact requirements. Whether you're in need of a pram, car seat, or accessory pack, we've got you covered. Unsure about which pushchair travel system suits you best? Our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you in making the perfect choice!


Frequently asked questions

A Travel System is a versatile stroller frame designed to accommodate various components like a Seat Unit, Carrycot, and Car Seat. This means you can effortlessly switch between the three setups depending on your baby's needs. Compared to a typical stroller, a Travel System allows you to keep your little one sleeping comfortably in the Car Seat or Carrycot even when you're on the move. Plus, these Car Seat-Stroller combinations cater to your child's travel requirements from infancy to toddlerhood. Make your life easier as a parent with a smart and adaptable Travel System.

Regarding a travel system, anticipate using it until your child is between 3-4 years old, depending on the component—for instance, a carrycot being suitable for babies under 6 months. However, the overall lifespan of your travel system will hinge on several factors, such as brand, quality, and maintenance. Opting for a high-quality travel system can extend its longevity and make it usable for future children. By investing in a durable travel system, you can reap the rewards of a single purchase that spans from the early newborn stages to toddlerhood.

Many parents opt for a travel system due to its numerous benefits for a growing family. Some of these include:

  1. Multi-functionality: Carrycots often serve as safe sleeping bassinets and car seats for use in the car.
  2. Undisturbed travel for the baby: Attaching the infant seat onto the pushchair eliminates the need to move them from the infant carrier.
  3. Improved ergonomics: Travel systems are ultimately better for parents than carrying the baby in a car seat, especially as they grow older.
  4. Reduces the need for multiple purchases: Everything can be bought at once.
  5. More economical: Many travel systems are available for purchase in bundled options and offers.

When considering purchasing a travel system, there are several factors to keep in mind, such as when to buy one, your budget, and which one suits you and your baby best. To determine the latter, consider some essential features you'd like your travel system to possess, including:

  1. Forward and Rear Facing Capability: Determine if you need the option for both orientations.
  2. One-Handed or Fast-Fold Mechanism: Decide if you require a quick and easy folding system.
  3. Swivel Wheels: Consider if swivel wheels are necessary for maneuverability.
  4. Shopping Basket Size: Evaluate the size of the shopping basket to meet your needs.
  5. Car Boot Space: Assess the size of your car boot, as some pushchairs may require wheels to be removed for fitting.
  6. Car Seat Compatibility: Choose a car seat and ensure it is compatible, either with or without adapters, with your chosen travel system.