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Top 5 Joie Car Seats at Newbie & Me Baby Store

Joie car seats are a favourite at our baby stores located in Telford, Leeds, and Crewe.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since the quality, affordability, and design are amazing. Many of Joie’s Car Seats have won numerous awards. They have also been put through the highest level of safety testing to ensure the best safety for your baby.

Car seat shopping can be daunting for parents, so we’ve selected our top 5 Joie car seat options.

All of these car seats are available to purchase in-store or online here at Newbie and Me Baby Store

  1. Joie i-Spin 360 

This is definitely one of our favourite spinning car seats that is currently on the market, this being because it very easy to use. The spin button is located at both sides of the seat, rather than on the ISOFIX base or at the base of the seat. This makes it easy to rotate the Car Seat from both sides of the car.

Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers a deep recline providing maximum comfort and safety. As your child grows, the inserts are easily removable, along with the headrest which extends. Another feature we like is the Guard Surround Safety this is where two panels on either side of the car seat help to absorb any impact.

This car seat is i-Size tested, which is the highest level of car seat testing and it is available in three different colours (Coal, Grey Flannel and Deep Sea)

Product weight: 13.9kg | Forward facing size: 65 x w 46 x h 62-76cm | Rearward facing size: l 65 x w 46 x h 51.5-62cm | Product usage: Group 0+/1, 0-105cm, ≤19kg

2. Joie Stages FX

If you’re looking for a long-lasting car seat from birth, then this is the one for you. The Stages FX is born to grow from rearward facing to forward-facing. Although it doesn’t spin for ease of access, it does turn into a forward-facing car seat that utilises the car seatbelt.

The removable inserts, multi-positioning headrest and harness make it easy to adjust as your child grows without any re-threading. It’s available in just one colour option: Ember.

Product Weight: 13.92kg | Product Dimensions: 55 x w 50 x h 62-77cm | Product usage: Group 0+/1/2, 0-25kg; approx. 0-7 years old

3. Joie Bold

This is one of the very few car seats that harness up to 25kg. Most car seats harness up to 18kg as your child would typically start to use the seat belt at that point, but for parents whose child is growing faster and isn’t ready to be seat-belted, the Joie Bold offers the solution.

It can also be used with a seatbelt (15-36kg) and last up to 12-years of age providing a fantastic lifetime range for your child. As such it grows with your child as the headrest and harness are adjustable without any re-threading. It also comes with a nice cupholder and is available in two colour options: Ember and Slate.

Product Weight: 12.9kg | Product Dimensions: 47cm x w 46.2-46.9cm x h 66-85.5cm | Product usage: Group 1/2/3, 9-36kg; approx. 9 months-12 years old

4. Joie Elevate

This forward-facing car seat goes the distance, all the way up to 12 years. It has a 5-point harness and grows into a high back boost utilising the car seatbelt. It also has fantastic side impact protection in the headrest, body and hips. 

It also has great ventilation, a cupholder and comes with three colour options: Dark Pewter, Two-Tone Black and Cherry. 

Product Dimensions: 50cm x w 50.8cm x h 63-83cm | Product Weight: 5.47kg | Product usage: Group 1/2/3, 9-36kg, approx. 1-12 years old

5. Joie i-Snug

This is one of the lightest i-Size tested infant carriers on the market, making it easy to carry your little one, and it’s compatible with a large range of prams and strollers. It’s also available with an ISOFIX base for car journeys.

It has a retractable sun canopy (UPF 50+) which is also water repellent and has three layers of memory foam in the infant pillow and headrest to keep your baby snug! It’s available in two colour options, Coal and Grey Flannel.

Product weight: 3.25kg | Product size: l 65 x w 43.5x h 57cm | Product usage: birth to 75cm, ≤13kg

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