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Top 10 Parenting and Baby Memes 2021

Top 10 Parenting and Baby Memes 2021

The journey of parenthood isn’t an easy one and there are always people telling you how wonderful and fulfilling it is raising children. In reality, you’re exhausted, a little agitated and covered in a questionable bodily fluid.

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 parenting and baby memes for 2021 which are super relatable and funny! 

  1. One wrong move

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We’ve all been there. Baby has finally dropped off to sleep somewhere other than their cot, now comes the military operation of transferring them to their bed without waking them up. 

  1. A dad’s driving desperation

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Parenting makes you do all sorts of strange things. Including driving your baby around in the middle of the night just to get them off to sleep. 

#ProTip: The 4moms Mamaroo has a car-journey motion that rocks your little one to sleep:

  1. Welcome to Jackass

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Anyone who grew up in the noughties will know this one! It seems like a daily reenactment of the Jackass TV show every time a toddler is left to their own devices.

  1. Just the essentials

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Who knew a tiny person could need so much stuff. There is barely room for your purse and keys. However, it’s always better to be prepared just like Hermione Granger.

  1. Too hot to handle

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Hot, sweaty and hormonal is not a good mix. Sometimes you just look like nose-driving into the fridge/freezer or even an ice cave!

  1. Toilet break

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You’re spinning plates whilst preparing dinner and changing your baby, and your partner is nowhere to be seen… 

  1. The novelty soon wears off

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1000% relatable. We can’t wait to hear those first words, which inevitably become torture. 

  1. Parenting is an Olympic sport

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Parenting should be an Olympic sport, especially when you ask your child to do something simple like holding your hand, or not to climb that tree!

  1. Perfect timing 

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All joking aside, the loss of sleep is a serious issue. Did you know, on average a parent loses a total of 133 nights’ seep in the first year of their baby’s life? (*based on the average 7-9 recommended hours).

  1. The moment of dreadNewbie & Me Baby Store Online

It is a universal experience that all parents fear, however it’s crucial to not suffer the consciousness of their talons! 

So if you’re a first time parent, expecting a sibling for your little one or have your hands full already we know exactly how you’re feeling. We can’t give you parenting advice, but we are experts in pushchairs, travel systems and car seats, so whatever you’re looking for you can find it with us! 

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