Bebecar Stylo Class+ - Soft Pink
Bebecar VIA+
Bebecar VIA+
Bebecar Stylo Class+
Bebecar Stylo Class+
Bebecar Stylo Class+
Bebecar Stylo Class+
Bebecar Stylo Class+
Bebecar Stylo Class+ - Soft Pink
Bebecar Stylo Class+
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Bebecar Stylo Class+

Raincover + LA3 KIT


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Bebecar Stylo Class+ Combination Pram – The majestic Stylo Class+ is most definitely built for walking. 

With its large 14,2 inch (36 cm) diameter wheels and sprung suspension it is borne of an era when elegance mattered. 
However, the Stylo Class+ also has a very modern twist; the front wheels can be set to steer by means of a foot pedal, for greater maneuverability and the multi-position adjustable handle can be set to a height comfort for most. 
The wheels are easily removed, reducing the size of the chassis when folded, to a more convenient and compact size. 

Specials Collection

Designed using high quality leatherette, the beautiful “Specials” range incorporates quilted and plain details to give it the distinctive and luxurious look that this range is best known for.

Package Includes

  • Chrome chassis with large steerable front wheels
  • Maxibob LA3 carrycot with adjustable back rest, ventilation & hood
  • Pushchair seat unit with removable bumper bar & hood
  • Raincover
  • LA3 Carrycot safety kit
Bebecar VIA+
Bebecar Stylo Class+ - Soft Pink

Pushchair Features

  • Suitable from birth
  • Forward and rearward facing
  • Multi position reclining backrest can be fully reclined to a lie-flat position, allowing the correct development of the baby.
  • 2 Position adjustable footrest
  • The large seat sides on the backrest are totally rigid to protect and allow the correct support of baby’s head and cervical vertebrae.
  • Substantial padding in the seat unit ensures the maximum comfort for baby.
  • Large padded hood
  • The bumper bar can be swung open or completely removed making it easy for you to sit your baby in the seat.
  • Two position adjustable attachment 5-point safety harness. The soft padded chest and buckle pads ensure the baby is snug and secure when the harness is tightened for maximum safety.
  • The pushchair seat is easily and quickly removed from the chassis by simply grasping the seat on either side and squeezing the bars.
  • The chassis can be folded with the pushchair seat still attached.
  • The pushchair seat attaches to the chassis using the Easylock system.There are four support points to give maximum stability and a comfortable ride for your baby or toddler.


The MaxiBob LA3 Light carrycot has the perfect dimension and comfort for your baby.

  • Suitable from birth
  • 4 position reclining backrest allows the natural posture of the newborn. This feature helps prevent the risk of suffocation by vomiting and improves breathing should the baby have a cold.
  • The carrycot base can be positioned in rocking mode to lull the baby to sleep.
  • UPF50+ – All Bebecar carrycots are made in UPF50+ fabrics to offer excellent sun protection.
  • Compact fold for storage – The carrycot can be collapsed when not in use for easier storage.
  • The inner liner is produced in cotton to care for baby’s delicate skin and can be easily removed for washing.
  • The Maxibob LA3 carrycot features handles in the side pockets for easily transporting it.
  • Integrate and adjustable air ventilation base system providing the baby with a natural well-being when resting in the carrycot.
  • Fold down sun visor.
  • Extendable wind protection flap.
  • The carrycot attaches to the chassis using the Easylock system. There are four support points to give maximum stability and a comfortable ride for your baby. 
  • Approved to R44/04 to be used in the car with the included LA3 Safety Kit.
Bebecar VIA+
Bebecar VIA+

LA3 Safety Kit

The safety kit is an invaluable asset for transporting your baby in the car, particularly on long journeys, if they are premature, or for newborns. The kit allows you to securely fix your carrycot to the back seat of your car, letting your baby lie flat while your drive – a safer and more comfortable way for them to travel, which supports their growing spine.

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