SnuzPod 4 – Essential Bundle


Feed, soothe, and be closer to your baby with the all-new SnuzPod⁴ Bedside Crib! Keeping baby nearby, for a safe bonding experience. With dual-view mesh windows and a half-height zip-down wall for easy access, be by their side through every yawn, wiggle, gurgle and nap.

  • Increased air-flow to help regulate temperature
  • Safety tested to NEW Bedside Crib Standard
  • FIT MORE BEDS than any other bedside crib


SnuzPod 4 - Bedside Crib


Snuz 2pc Crib Fitted Sheets


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Snuz Pod 4 Bundle

SnuzPod4 regulates your baby’s temperature with its innovative ComfortAir system. A combination of unique air-flow vents, air-permeable mesh liner, and base ventilation designed to increase airflow and breathability for a great night’s sleep, all around.

SnuzPod4 packs comfort, breathability, and safety all in one expertly designed crib that will see your baby going from awake, to zzz in no time.

Safety tested to the latest Bedside Crib Standard, SnuzPod4 is a sturdy, dependable alternative to other cribs on the market. Allowing you to soothe your little one night and day, safe and sound. Now fitting more beds than any other bedside crib, SnuzPod4 is crafted with care to ensure only the best experience for parent and baby

Product includes:

  • Snüzpod 4
  • Mattress protector,
  • 2 Fitted Sheet Pack
  • Snüzcloud
  • Storage pocket
Snuz Pod 4 Bundle



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SnuzPod 4 - Bedside Crib

Snuz 2pc Crib Fitted Sheets