Snuzkot Toddler Rails
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Snuzkot Toddler Rails



SnüzKot Toddler bed guards are suitable for any style and colour of SnüzKot and attach easily to the Toddler Bed frame.

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Add the white SnuzKot toddler rails onto any style of SnuzKot toddler bed frame. There are four sections that fit to both the head and foot ends of the toddler bed, the rails will help prevent your little one falling out during the night.


  • Suitable for any SnüzKot style or colour
  • Complete your SnüzKot Toddler Bed look
  • Attaches easily and securely onto the bed
  • With four sections that fit both the head and foot ends of the bed, providing a barrier to help prevent your child from falling out of bed during the night