Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug

Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug


Create a happy moment while bathing your little one by this clever Washy Bath Jug from Shnuggle. Designed to fit the Shnuggle bathtub (sold separately) provides easy access and storage.

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Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug is a uniquely designed Shnuggle Bath accessory, which allows you to rinse your little one easily after washing. Soft front rim gently rests against the child’s head and helps to direct the water away from the sensitive baby’s eyes. A comfortable handle perfectly fits the edge of your Shnuggle Bath (sold individually), keeping it underhand and you can store it with your bath.



The soft border gently rests on the child’s head
Comfortable handle
Hooks fit nicely on the bathtub (sold individually)
Handy and easy storage



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