Obaby Natural coir mattress
Obaby – Natural Coir / Wool

Obaby – Natural Coir / Wool

140 X 70cm


The Obaby 140 x 70cm Natural Coir/Wool Cot Bed Mattress is a environmentally friendly natural mattress that gives your baby firm and comfortable support.

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Obaby Natural coir mattress

Luxurious and gloriously green, Obaby’s natural coir/wool mattress uses organic soft-touch bamboo fabric and has an inner core comprised of coconut coir, bonded with natural latex, which provides a naturally springy feel whilst being extremely resilient, durable and breathable. This is then topped with soft and luxurious lambswool that regulates body temperature and moisture for maximum comfort as well as being naturally hypoallergenic.

The bamboo fabric cover is derived from 100% bamboo fibre knitted together which is eco-friendly and highly renewable. This fabric is not only softer, more breathable and absorbent than cotton but is also tough on bacteria and odours due to its natural antibacterial properties providing a prefect night’s sleep and peace of mind. This desirable and eco-friendly option measures 140 x 70cm and is compatible with all of Obaby’s comprehensive range of cot beds

Key Features:

  • Inner core made up of coconut coir & bonded with latex
  • Coconut core acts like lots of tiny springs
  • Inner core wrapped in lambswool which offers optimum protection against dust mites
  • Lambswool helps to regulate babies body temperature & is suitable for children with allergies
  • Organic bamboo soft-touch removable cover with zip
  • Cover is tough on bacteria & odours due to its natural propertie
  • Bio-degradable
  • Fits all of Obaby’s comprehensive range of cot beds
  • Measures 140 x 70 x 10cm
Obaby Natural coir mattress