Kinderkraft Siesta – Grey

Umbrella Stroller


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Kinderkraft Siesta Grey

The Kinderkraft Siesta – Grey stroller is designed for parents who value easy steering on beachside promenades or narrow city alleyways. It features swivel, puncture-resistant and lightweight wheels that provide shock absorption, and its compact size allows you to freely manoeuvre even narrow store aisles. Both handles are finished with foam that’s pleasant to the touch and ensures a firm grip and easy steering.

Unlike most umbrella strollers, the Kinderkraft Siesta features four-step backrest adjustment to the lie-flat position using one hand. Together with the two-step adjustment of the footrest, this stroller creates the ideal space for short naps in fresh air. Your child will be protected from the wind and sun thanks to the extendable sun shade and two ventilation panels (on the sides of the hood, can be seen when unfolded).

Key Features:

  • Extendable hood – can be extended even further. It features a sun shade and two ventilation panels, which are perfect for hot summer days. You can clip the material at the back to ensure even better air flow.
  • Hood window – through it, you and your child can see each other. You can always check to see if your darling has awoken or is still sleeping.
  • Swivel wheels – they’re made of puncture-resistant foam. They don’t require pumping, are lightweight, and make steering the pushchair easy. The front wheels can be locked to drive straight, which is handy on difficult terrain.
  • Easy to transport – the stroller folds in just a few moments to a small size (103.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 25 cm). It’ll fit in your car boot, and the lock, which prevents accidental unfolding, means you don’t have to worry about it spontaneously unfolding during transport.
  • SIESTA is also perfect for rainy days. It comes with a rain cover. If the weather surprises you, you’ll be ready.
Kinderkraft Siesta Grey




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