Cybex Pallas M Sl – Pure Black



Car Seat Cybex Pallas M-SL

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Pallas M SL car seat is equipped with:
– Linear protection in the lateral impact (L.S.P. System) which helps to absorb the impact force of a side collision right from the beginning. The force of a side collision is absorbed in a series of reactions through the use of side cushions, along with shoulder and head protectors. At the same time, the kinetic energy of the body caused by the impact is absorbed in the initial phase of the collision and the head is taken to a safe position.
-Adjustable amplitude security cushions for greater comfort and freedom of movement. The protective cushion is a sort of airbag, greatly reducing the impact force and distributing it evenly over the materials that absorb the energy. Your child’s sensitive areas (neck, head and thorax) are well protected
– 2-in-1 child seat that grows with the child and can be worked up to about 11 years; in the regulated control group it doubles as a collision inflatable airbag, protects against neck injuries without restrictions. For children from approx. 3 years or more, the seat can easily be converted into a 2/3 seat group from the Solution series.
– Optimized aeration system that allows a comfortable body temperature even on the hottest days. An additional element of the package is an automatic ventilation system. This guarantees a pleasant temperature on the hottest days.




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