Babymoov Lovenest+
Babymoov Lovenest+
Babymoov Lovenest+
babymoov lovenest+
Babymoov Lovenest +
Babymoov Lovenest+

Babymoov Lovenest+


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Babymoov Lovenest+

Developed by French Paediatrician Dr Maidenberg to help prevent plagiocephaly syndrome (flat head), Lovenest+ supports the healthy growth of baby’s skull as well as being a comfortable pillow for baby to sleep on.

It’s made from breathable Coolmax® fabric, and the non-slip back means Lovenest+ can be used in baby’s cot, bouncer, swing and car seat.

Lovenest+ is an ergonomic minimal head support which helps baby’s head to develop as it should and to prevent or improve any signs of flat head syndrome. The angle of its incline and specific indent are suited to the shape of the baby’s skull, so it ensures an even distribution of pressure across the baby’s head.

From birth, simply position the cushion behind your baby’s head. His or her head will naturally lie in the center. The inclination and shape of the Lovenest Plus will ensure pressure is evenly distributed over the skull to keep it nice and round. Plus, its breathable ‘Coolmax’ fabric provides ideal ventilation and temperature regulation to provide optimum comfort while supporting the head and neck.

The Lovenest Plus is light and portable, with the back of the pillow made of an anti-slip fabric for extra safety. This makes the Lovenest Plus an essential to use with all your baby gear, whether your little one is lying down during nursing, playtime, in the bouncer, swing, stroller, car-seat and more

For over 20 years, Babymoov has been making innovative products to make parents’ lives easier.

Created by a pediatrician, recognized by healthcare professionals and approved by parents, the Lovenest’s unique patented design offers many benefits for infants.

Over the years, it has become an essential for every newborn and has proven to efficiently help prevent plagiocephaly. The Lovenest Plus should used from birth.


  • Suitable from birth to approx. 3 months
  • Created and recommended by paediatric
  • Made of breathable and antibacterial Coolmax® fabric
  • Ensures optimal support and ventilation for baby’s head
  • Prevents sleeping baby from the flat head syndrome
  • Aids the healthy development of baby’s skull
  • Non-slip back for safe use in cots, bouncers, strollers and car seats
  • Dimensions: L24 x W30 x H4.7 cm
Babymoov Lovenest+

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