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Newbie and Me iCandy Test Track, Leeds UK

Introducing…the UK’s ULTIMATE pushchair test track. 

newbie and me test track leeds uk

Our flagship store in Leeds has become the home to an incredible pushchair test track, beautifully designed and sponsored by iCandy.

At Newbie and Me, we are all about creating a bespoke experience for parents and parents to be. We are so excited to introduce this one off feature to Yorkshire, giving parents the knowledge and confidence to make their pram purchase! 

The test track allows parents to fully understand and get a feel for their pushchair before making a decision. Just like a car, the push of a pram will feel very different depending what surface it is on so this means that the wheels, suspension and quality can all be put to the test from the comfort of our store. Each pushchair is unique, and so is each parent- and this amazing creation allows us to help you find the perfect travel system.

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newbie and me test track leeds
newbie and me test track

The first few steps will be on uneven block paving, giving parents an insight into their first walks around town. Now you can be prepared for those cosy, coffee catch ups with friends and family when the baby has arrived. 

Following on, we come to a wooden, panelled bridge with an incline. This is great for testing out the push and weight of the pushchair when it is paired with a hill. You can even get our model, weighted doll Trevor involved for a true, real life experience! This is followed by bumpy cobblestones; how does the suspension feel? Does one pushchair feel better to push than another? 

Turn the corner to get to grips with the wheels’ swivel motion and you will arrive at our grassy section. A great eye opener if you love the outdoors, plan taking the baby on your daily dog walks or live somewhere particularly rural.

The test track starts just past our iCandy display, giving you the perfect opportunity to grab the super popular iCandy Peach for a test drive. You will also meet Silver Cross, Joolz and Babystyle (amongst others) along the route!

Make sure to book an appointment to try it out for yourself!

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